About me


I am Maria, tour guide in Scotland and the person behind Wee and Wild.

This adventure began in 2013, when I decided to leave everything I was doing to have the experience of living in another country, so I landed in Edinburgh, with the intention of staying for a couple of months, he said. 7 years later I am still here, with half of my heart lost in the Scottish Highlands and the other half in tapas in Spain.

I’m sure that more than one of you can identify with them, and more than one mother too!

Mine was quite upset when I left, but nothing compared to when Sao, the dog, came too.

The truth is that I see him happy, he is living his Erasmus right now.

I am passionate about nature hiking a road trip

So I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and began to dedicate myself to what I am most passionate about:

Adventure travel and trekking in Scotland

And exploring the wilder side of Scotland is an authentic experience.

It taught me to value and enjoy the simplest things, the ones that really matter and that, most of the time, go unnoticed. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

Something as simple as being able to breathe fresh air, or a night camping and enjoying a star show became my favorite vacation. of stars became my favorite vacation.

It is not about seeing everything, but about enjoying the trip.

And this is what I would like to share with you, I always say that Scotland is not just about going to see a monster in a lake. Scotland is a land full of adventure, scenery, history, adrenaline, romance and, if I do say so myself, magical creatures of all kinds.

What I’m going to focus on in wee and wild:

  • Tips to help you plan your trip to Scotland.
  • Hiking trails in Scotland.
  • Itineraries for you to explore Scotland on your own.
  • Culture, history and mythology.
  • And my service as a tour guide, in case you want me to accompany you on your trip.

So if you are passionate about nature, embark on an adventure by car, van, camping, adventure sports or just a walk in the woods, this is the place for you.

You can follow the adventures more closely on Instagram or subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Come by and say hello! or ask me all the questions you have when you come, I’ll be happy to meet you.

See you soon,

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